Rich and Sassy club is a +18 community and for mature ladies only.

We are only attracted to people who have a lot of money, Join rich and sassy today and be rich forever!

We are not LOUD and we are not interested in publicity or show off because Clubs like this sells on a low like drug, you can’t know about us except someone tells you about us.
We are cash sexual, we are only attracted to people that have a lot of money. People call it gold digger or sugar baby, but that’s not who we are, we are only attracted to people who have lots of money and that’s why we never stop winning.
Do you accept the terms and conditions that you are going to keep every sexual activities both physical and virtual discreet to yourself as you won’t talk about the clients to other people because you just want them to know that u know these particular men or women.

Are you sure you’re going to offer top notched services to your clients and subscribers ?